The National Composition Project

Saint Lucia National Composition Project

Melodies composed by Saint Lucian children, arranged by teachers, played by faculty and students of the Saint Lucia School of Music

The National Composition Project Explained in Two Minutes Narrated by Andreya Nicholson

The Saint Lucia School of Music is proud to announce the completion of its first National Music Composition Project. The project, which took place between November 2014 and June 2015, professionally produced music created or composed by children across Saint Lucia. This project was directed by Alejandro Rutty, Associate Professor of Music at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, in residence at the Saint Lucia School of Music, and Marie Medina from the Saint Lucia School of Music.

The National Music Composition Project received over 227 original melodies composed by children age 15 and under. The cooperation of the music teachers from the Saint Lucia School of Music, Leon Hess Secondary School, Castries Anglican Infant School, Les Etangs Combined School, Ave Maria Girls Primary School, and Morne Du Don Primary School has been invaluable in helping the children realize their creative potential.

A panel from the School of Music selected 12 melodies. The melodies were arranged by a team of music teachers lead by Alejandro Rutty and Marie Medina at the Saint Lucia School of Music:

Irma Bushell, Keitje Greaves, Oswyn James, Priscilla Lucien, Fernando Martinez López, Marie Medina, Andreya Nicholson, Bernadette Offiajiaku, Richard Payne, Gregory Piper, Alejandro Rutty and Wagner Trindade. The arrangements were recorded in April, 2015 at the Musicbox by an ensemble of music professionals, students of the Saint Lucia School of Music and music teachers:

  • Anderson Charles, flute
  • Maurice Bouchard, clarinet
  • Keitje Greaves, trombone
  • Marie Medina, violin
  • Coman Fevrier, cello
  • Natalie McAllister, Richard Payne, Alejandro Rutty, piano
  • Wagner Trindade, bass
  • Fernando Martinez López, percussion
  • Alejandro Rutty, conductor
  • Marc Escavis, recording engineer

Saint Lucia National Composition Project

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