Faculty & Staff


Executive Team

Richard Payne - Executive Director
Joanne De Lima-Michel - Administrative Manager
Gloriana Charlemagne - Bursar/ Senior Account

Administrative Support Staff

Priscilla Lucien - Coordinator, Vieux – Fort Center
Wincia Calixte - Administrative Assistant/ Account Clerk
Glenice Deterville - Administrative Assistant
Udra Chicot - Bursar


Heads of Department

Natalie McAllister - Piano Studies
Marie Medina - Strings Studies
Lukas Hein - Woodwind & Musicianship Studies
Andreya Nicholson - Voice Studies & Early Childhood Education
Wagner Trindade - Guitar/Electric Bass S
Cecil Strudwick-Green - Early Childhood/Primary School Education & Choral Studies
Fernando Martinez Lopez - Percussion Studies



Chris Raveneau - Piano
Terry Ferguson - Piano
Denise Fevrier - Piano
Sharma Felix - Piano
Nicole Francis - Piano
Ricardo Francois - Percussion
Keitje Greaves - Brass
Anezia Jules - Adventure in Music
Prisca Larcher - Adventure in Music


Manmay La Di Wai

Jamie Forde - Violin/ MYO
Ginerva Lambert - Choral Co-ordinator- Gros Islet
Niger Nestor - Drumming Instructor- Vide Boutielle
Cuthbert Popo - Drumming Supervisor- Vide Boutielle
Tony Wilkinson - Woodwind Band Supervisor- Vieux Fort
Mahurney Augier - Wind Band Teacher- Vieux Fort
Le Ann Yarde - Violin Teacher- MYO
Al Eugene - Violin Teacher- MYO


Vieux-Fort Center

Priscilla Lucien - Coordinator/ Piano Musicianship/ Voice
Udra Chicot - Bursar/ Adventure in Music
Joan Carasco - Piano
Junior Etienne - Guitar
Lill John - Music in Action/ Musicianship
Glenice Deterville - Musicianship
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