Heart & Soul

Heart and Soul is a choral group from the Saint Lucia School of Music and is comprised of young people who felt the need to express themselves through choral singing. This group is from the Southern part of the island and sings all genres of music, from Classical, Folk, Ballad, Calypso, Reggae Gospel and of course Jazz. This versatile group is conducted by Priscilla Lucien who has a wealth of experience working with choirs. “I just love to watch voices blossom and flourish under the influence of music” she says.

Heart and Soul has performed at hotels, weddings, festivals and enjoyed singing jazz at Fond D’or Jazz, Jazz at Rudy John Beach Park, La Place Carenage Tea Time Jazz, performed at Coconut Bay for Jazz in the South in 2011, Side Stage at Pigeon Point in 2012, Soufriere Creole, Jazz Finale in Vieux Fort in 2013 and our annual Christmas Carolling at Coconut Bay.

Heart and Soul enjoys connecting with their audience, hence the wide range of music they have chosen to truly touch the heart and soul of all who listen.


National Anthem: 02 Track 2
Heart and Soul: 04 Track 4
Babethandaza - traditional South African folk song: 05 Track 5
Tickle It...Nintus: 07 Track 7
Congo Man by Mighty Sparrow performed by Heart and Soul: 08 Track 8

Pictures of events:

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