Manmay-la Di Wai

mldw-logoLet the children make music! That is exactly what the Manmay-la Di Wai (Children Make Music) project is hoping to achieve. The project is a national social inclusion brand of the Saint Lucia School of Music, which was modelled after the Organisation of American States (OAS) Orchestra Programme in the Caribbean (OASIS Caribbean). It is an adaptation of a similar programme — the Orchestra-School methodology — successfully used by Venezuela’s National System of Youth Orchestras.

Our Purpose

The Manmay-la Di Wai project is an instrument of hope; designed to inspire troubled youth through community based structured after-school orchestral programmes. With continued support from the Government of Saint Lucia the project aims to replicate the successful framework used to establish the OAS Marchand Youth Orchestra programme (MYO) in other communities. Here are some of the objectives:

  • Provide effective community-based structured after school orchestral programmes targeted at youth at risk
  • Identify youth with special talent who may be suitable for additional training at the St. Lucia School of Music through a scholarship programme
  • Prepare its students for frequent ensemble performances both at the community and the national level.
  • Feed a future National Youth Orchestra Programme
  • Reinforce the skills of community-based tutors through continuous training and workshop sessions.
  • Highlight the importance of indigenous music and musicians of the Caribbean as well as foster a greater appreciation for music from other parts of the world.
  • Let loose the creativity and the self confidence of our youth

(MYO — a three-year pilot project — was established by the OAS in October 2009 in partnership with the Government of Saint Lucia and the Saint Lucia School of Music with financial support from LUCELEC.)



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