School Policies

All students who register at the Saint Lucia School of Music are requested to read and comply with the school policies below which have been established for the benefit of everyone at the school.


Students may apply for lessons at the Saint Lucia School of Music at any time. However, registration is completed only when a new student’s classes are confirmed and fees have been paid. Continuing students are responsible for ensuring that they re-register before the new term begins and preferably by the end of the preceding term. If by Wednesday of the week before a new term commences continuing students have not re-registered, their spaces may be given to new students.


Fees should be paid in full by both continuing and new students before classes commence. Students should note that although the part-payment of fees can be arranged with the Bursar, an additional 5% administrative charge will be added to fees due.


When a student pays his/her fees, the Bursar will forward an attendance card to the student’s practical tutor. This card is to be signed at every lesson by the student and serves as an attendance record of lessons received. The attendance card is attached to each student’s file, along with a copy of the student’s term report, at the end of each term. All students must present their receipt to their practical tutor at the time of their first lesson. Tutors are not expected to teach any lessons to a student for whom a receipt or attendance card has not been received.


Students are asked to make every effort to attend classes on time. Class time lost due to a student’s tardiness will not be made up by the tutor concerned. Tutors will wait in tutorial rooms for 10 minutes after the start of a 30-minute class and for 15 minutes after the start of an hour’s class, but are not required to be in the room or even in the School after this time has passed. Students arriving later than these times may try to locate the tutor. Students who are regularly on time but whose classes start repeatedly late are invited to fill in a complaints form available from the Office.


As a courtesy, students should notify either their Tutor or the Admin Office at least 24 hours in advance if they are unable to attend a class. Tutors are not required to make up lessons that students are unable to attend. Students who are absent without notification for more than two consecutive lessons or more than three classes in a term will be regarded as having opted out of their chosen course, and will forfeit their place at the School along with their fees. If it becomes necessary for a tutor to be absent from a class, it is the tutor’s responsibility to notify the Admin Office and the student(s) concerned, and schedule appropriate make-up classes. When several classes have to be missed, it may be necessary for the tutor to arrange for the student to receive a credit note towards next term's fees. Students who are not notified and/or who do not receive any make-up classes or a credit note should report this matter to the Admin Office.


All students are encouraged to register for one of the School’s musicianship courses, as these will help to clarify and reinforce concepts needed for practical classes. Music in Action (MiA) is the musicianship course for all primary students; it aims to reinforce basic theoretical concepts through creative group music-making activities. Musicianship (K101) is the course for secondary school students and adults. It is a three-term course in five levels with the option to take CXC at levels 4 & 5. Musicianship (K101) students will be encouraged to take ABRSM Theory examinations. Primary students not registering for the MiA programme are invited to join the Junior Division Choir for which there is no charge. Secondary School students and adults not taking Musicianship (K101) are invited to attend an Open Course series of classes which will deal with topics of general interest.


Practical and Theory examinations conducted by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music are held in Saint Lucia three times a year, and practical exams with Trinity College London and the UWI Creative Arts Centre are held once or twice a year. ABRSM Theory examinations are held each year in May and November, and practical examinations are usually held in February (Trinity), March/April, (ABRSM), or May and November (UWI). Registration for these examinations by students attending classes at the School of Music will only be on the basis of recommendation by their musicianship or practical tutor. All students interested in taking ABRSM, Trinity College London, or UWI examinations must therefore seek their tutor’s approval before paying registration fees. Fees paid without a tutor’s recommendation will not be refunded. Students are reminded that registration deadlines are usually at least four months before the examination is to be held. The School of Music reserves the right to withdraw students from practical examinations two weeks before the exams should they be unable to meet the required standard. In such a case, fees will not be refunded. Examination candidates needing accompaniment will be required to pay an accompanist’s fee at the time of registration.


Parents and guardians are asked to leave at the School of Music only those children who are receiving tuition. The School will not be responsible for children left unattended.


Students waiting for classes, or waiting to be picked up, are asked to do so quietly. Running and shouting in and around the School are not allowed. Students who disrupt and disturb classes in this way may forfeit their place at the School.


Students are asked to make every effort to keep the School clean. Litter should always be placed in the garbage bins provided.


The School of Music reserves the right to suspend students whose behaviour is unsatisfactory, such as by frequent absences, tardiness, behaviour problems, lack of interest or progress, or failure to abide by the School’s policies.


The tuck shop is open Monday to Friday from 2.00 - 6.00pm and on Saturday from 9.00am - 3.00pm. Drinks and light snacks are on sale.


The Admin Office in Castries is open from Monday to Thursday 9.00am – 5.00pm, and on Friday from 9.00am – 4.00pm.. The library is open from Monday to Thursday 10.00am – 6.00pm and on Fridays from 10.00am – 5.00pm. The Admin Office is closed on Saturdays and on Public Holidays.

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